Join us for our first weekend Swing Festival!

10th - 12th May 2019

about lindy in the sky with diamonds

Mersey Swing are delighted to be hosting our first ever weekend swing festival

Picture yourself in a boat on a river - the Mersey of course, and join us for Lindy in the Sky with Diamonds swing festival. With international teachers, four levels, and three parties in two boss venues, you'll be wishing this one-off weekender lasted eight days a week (unfortunately it's only 3!).



Help! I need somebody! When we started thinking about teachers for this event, we reflected on our experiences at all of the camps, and weekenders that we have attended over the last five years. The teachers that are at this weekender have made an impact on us in way that ensures fun, inclusiveness, and talent. For those teachers who were not available this year we will hopefully have you next year!

We've got the following teachers who can help you if they can:

The Decavita Sisters

The DecaVita Sisters, are world-renowned dancers specializing in authentic Swing and Jazz Age dances. Charlie and Rebecka are known for their dynamic, creative and unique dance style. They particularly value the art of leading and following, believing that leaders and followers require equal amount of information in the classroom to create the best possible connection on the dance floor.

Cat & Cam

Cat is our Lindy Madonna. The (very young) Grandmother of Lindy in Liverpool and we love her. All you need is love when you pair Cat, and her fabulous teaching partner, Cam! Every class with this talented and hilarious twosome will leave you living for Lindy!

María & Aurélien

Here comes the sun with this teaching couple, hailing from their adopted home of Barcelona! These two have rhythm!! Maria and Aurelien were the first international teaching couple that we hosted here at Mersey Swing (other than Cat and Cam of course) and we have been itching to dance again with them ever since!

Diana Geisler

Diana has been placed in all big competitions such as ILHC, Savoy Cup, The Chase etc. and you will surely see her in a final soon again! Her true passion lies in social dancing and teaching Shag and Lindy at both her home scene in Vienna and on workshops around the world. Her energy and freedom of movement is infectious and you can be sure to take some of it home from her classes!

David Afonso

David is an addicted social dancer. You’ll rarely see him not dancing while there is groovy swing music playing. He’s also a geek, that cannot avoid himself of deconstructing the nuclear bio-mechanics and rhythmic structure of the dance and music. And he loves to share this knowledge/vision almost as much as he loves hugs.


Martyn Nelson and the Rhythm Remedies

Martyn starting playing music from a very young age. Once he discovered Lindy hop he couldn’t wait to learn how to play swing music. Hearing the vintage swing music and being able to dance to it ignited Martyn’s passion for everything that breathes the authentic ‘swing era’.

Martyn searched out the best Jazz musicians he could find and formed the Rhythm Remedies.

Martyn Nelson and the Rhythm Remedies

The Jim Wynn Swingtet

You have danced with this band at our Winter Ball. They are back, by popular demand - The Jim Wynn Swingtet!!!

Martyn Nelson and the Rhythm Remedies


We'll be based in two city centre venues for classes and socials

  • The Dance Studio and Stanley Theatre at
  • Liverpool University view on google maps
    • Mount Pleasant
    • Liverpool
    • L3 5TR
  • The Main Space and Studio at
  • The Black-E view on google maps
    • 1 Great George St
    • Liverpool
    • L1 5EW
We've put a Google Map together with some useful places here


Dance Studio Stanley Theatre Black-E Main Space Black-E Studio
19:00 to 0:00
10:00 to 11:00 Taster : Jess

Jazz Choir

Taster : Cat and Cam

Norma Miller Inspiration

11:30 to 13:15 Ringo John Paul George
13:15 to 14:30 Lunch
14:30 to 16:15 Ringo John Paul George
16:45 to 17:45 Taster : the Decavitas

Solo Charleston

Taster : Maria and Aurelien

Mood Changes

19:00 to 0:00
10:00 to 11:45 Ringo John Paul George
11:45 to 13:00 Lunch
13:00 to 14:45 Ringo John Paul George
15:15 to 16:15 Taster : Dr Jazz

Jazz History Talk

Taster : David and Diana

Expression and Storyline

16:30 to 19:30

passes and prices

  • All tickets will be released on December 1st at 11am.
  • The first 35 couples tickets will receive the discounted price against the full weekend couples ticket.
  • A limited number of Saturday Night Social tickets will be released closer to the event.
  • Discounts are available for groups of 4 or more couples. Please contact us for more information.
Pass Price
Discount Weekend Pass (Couples1 Passes Only) 35 Only (sold out) £240
Standard Couples1 Pass £260
Standard Couples1 Pass (no Saturday night2) £220
Single Follow or Lead pass £139
Group Bookings (8 or more couples) Contact Us
  1. All couples pass must be follow/lead pairings. Couples don’t need to be the same level.
  2. Passes without the Saturday night social are to accommodate people already going to an event in the Blackpool Tower.



You've recently fallen in love with Lindy Hop and have regularly been taking classes in your local scene. You've got the hang of the basic shapes and are eager to get them feeling great.


You're already comfortable dancing Lindy Hop at a range of tempos and you social dance on a regular basis. You can can already swing out to various tempos and with different variations. You want to expand on your repertoire and build confidence.


You're confident on the dance floor and are happy dancing with anyone to most swing tracks. You're already adding rhythmic variations to your basic moves and concentrating on your musicality when dancing. You can dance comfortably at speeds higher than 180 bpm.


You have the experience, versatility and skills to dance with anyone. You're one of the best dancers in your scene and might already be teaching locally. You regularly travel to large dance events nationally or internationally.


Online registration is now closed

Thank you to everybody that is registered. We've still got room for a few leads to sign up, so if you're a last minute lead, please email and we'll see if we can help you out.

Terms & Conditions

Early Bird Discounts

The first 35 couples tickets will receive the discounted price against the full weekend couples ticket. So, you better think right, you better do right by yourself and get your ticket to ride early! The early bird discount won't be automatically applied.

Wait List

If one or the other dance role sells out quickly then there will be a wait list. Once more of the opposite dance role tickets are sold, waitlist places will be released to those who have registered interest. You will be emailed if a place becomes available.

Cancellation Policy

Unfortunately, we do not provide refunds for cancellations for any reason. However, we will accept transfer of the tickets to a different dancer. The ticket will need to be transferred to someone who is dancing the same role and track. It is easier for us if you transfer your ticket directly to the person who is buying your ticket from you.

Please provide us with any name changes.

Alcohol Policy

Ages: 18s and over are welcome.

Friday and Saturday night at the Stanley Theatre a cash bar will be available. A water station will also be available. Reasonably priced drinks!

The Tea Dance on Sunday will serve tea and cake.

Code of Conduct

We endeavour to provide a safer place to dance. We reserve the right to reject and eject obnoxious, rude, or offensive behaviour. Thankfully we have never had to do this as dancing is fun!